About Riju

​The art of photography has come a long way. I was born in an era when SLR film cameras were a luxury, a priced possession. I remember walking along the paddy fields, the river fronts and the endless expanses of rural tranquility, my hand firmly held by my father Ranajendra Ray. His other hand would caress the SLR camera. I was born in West Bengal (India) in a family where exposure to various forms of creative art was a part of life. My passion for this form of art was probably deeply embedded during those times.

With the advent of digital photography, it has become comparatively easier to pursue this aspiration (from affordability front). Dream it was and dream it always will be. My endeavor is to live this dream as a creative art and also contribute to society through people, travel, nature & wildlife conservation photography!


Riju Ray Photography


As the legendary Ansel Adams put it, “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” It is the lunacy for this creative art which has led me create this website. Brazen it may seem, my only wish is to share with people of similar mindset & outlook, which I try to express in the form of images. I hope I can share some visual delight.

'Constraint inspires creativity'

Being into IT industry I am usually subjected to endless spreadsheets, presentation & numbers. However, I try to take up time for the ‘call of the nature’ and travel to different places. Waiting for a lifetime moment to see or capture inside a forest, listening to the sound of silence, observing different faces – always attracts me.

I tend to float with the instinct more than rules of photography. Some of my images have been featured in – Sanctuary Asia, Outlook Traveller, Asian Photography, Bangalore Mirror (Times of India). To view the portfolio –